Getting back into the school routine is hard for everyone, especially after having three months off from stress free school work. Some people jump right back into it with no problem, but others struggle to find that motivation and get their minds out of summer mode. Here are a few things to keep you on track to start the fall semester:


  1. Set goals

If you have a weekly planner, you are already off to a good start. Writing down your homework assignments and upcoming exams are a good reminder for when you begin to lose motivation, and realize there are things that need to get done. This is why setting weekly goals is very important. If you write down what you hope to accomplish that day, or the whole week, you will feel much more motivated to complete them.

2.  Stay active

Waking up earlier than you normally would just to take a walk or go to the gym makes you ready to take on the day. Staying active makes you awake and alert for your classes, and just being energized can keep you motivated throughout the school or work day.


  1. Make time for yourself

Whether you live with roommates or commute from home, we all need our alone time every once in a while. You should wake up earlier than normal, or make some time at night to reflect on your day, make yourself a nice meal and set your weekly goals and you may find yourself more likely to complete them.


4. Reward yourself

When you have accomplished your weekly goals, give yourself a reward. Whether it be alone time to read your book, watch a movie you’ve been waiting to watch, or simply take a (short) nap. You will find yourself more eager to accomplish your goals when you reward yourself for completing them. Try not to make this a habit, once you get into the routine of accomplishing these goals then you will eventually forget that you used to reward yourself.


These are all healthy and natural ways to stay motivated and energized throughout the semester. You may find it hard to even find the motivation to try to complete these tips, but once you give yourself a little push it can only go up from there!