Something we have all been seeing in our friends offices, bedrooms, kitchens, etc. are essential oil diffusers. People use oil diffusers simply for the fact that it looks cool, and also for self-care reasons. It is said that certain essential oil scents affect your mood or have specific health benefits. An essential oil diffuser should definitely be on your ‘what to bring’ list for your 2018-2019 school year!


Essential oil diffusers range anywhere from $10 to $50, so I would say that it’s pretty affordable for any college student. Essential oils can typically be bought in a pack, or if you prefer individually you can find them at any department store. Here are a few essential oils every college student needs this school year:



Diffusing peppermint oils in your room is said to improve concentration. This is perfect when you are trying to study for an exam or just trying to get any work done. It is also great before a workout, when you smell the peppermint it gets your mind ready and body naturally energized. With that being said, it is also known to be a good pain reliever, especially for sore muscles, due to the anti-inflammatory properties stored in peppermint oil.



Lavender essential oils are best known to help you sleep at night. It is the best scent to help you relax, especially if your sleeping habits are inconsistent. It has been said that the lavender scent can treat headaches, whether you smell it releasing from your diffuser or you can rub it on your forehead and temples. This scent is one of the most pleasing floral scents to put into a diffuser and can make the room smell fresh and clean.



The orange essential oil scent has been said to affect your overall mood in a positive way. The fruity fresh smell will bring pleasant thoughts to your mind and wipes away any other negative thoughts you had that day. Some people may think this scent is too fruity for them, but the way it will turn your mood upside down will be completely worth it!


Tea Tree:

This essential oil is best known to fight off any infections or viruses that are affecting your health. When you are feeling a bit under the weather, the tea tree essential oil may be the best oil to pour into your diffuser and will soon begin to feel the natural healing power take over.



Eucalyptus is also known to help treat severe headaches, such as migraines. Just like lavender, the scent of eucalyptus can help relieve your pain, especially when you rub it onto your temples. This cooling scent also works as a muscle relaxer, which would be good to use after a long day of classes or working out.


There are many more essential oils that are good for different things, but these are a few that are the BEST in my own personal opinion! Everyone should have an oil diffuser going off in their workspace, or where they go to sleep at night. This thing does wonders!