Winters in Erie, PA seem to last longer than we all anticipate, and that makes it much harder to remain healthy and as motivated as we were in the beginning of the school year.
Waking up for early classes when there’s a fresh snowfall outside makes it so hard to get out of bed, but if your mindset is always “It’s too cold to get out of bed,” or “this weather makes me lazy,” then you are more likely to keep this mindset throughout these winter months!
Here are some helpful tips to try:

1. Just Do It
This may sound easier said than done, but really, it is that easy! When waking up in the morning with a positive mindset, and telling yourself to just do it, your day is already off to a good start! Try setting your alarm earlier than normal to give yourself that extra time to relax and think about your day ahead.

2. Make Breakfast and Lunch
After getting yourself through step one, sitting down and eating a nice healthy meal before starting your day will keep you motivated and energized for the day! I find my days to be much better when I sit down and enjoy my breakfast before leaving for my morning classes. It gives me time to think about my day and what I plan to do after I finish all of my classes and school work. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but in order to remain energized you must remember to eat lunch and dinner as well! I am guilty of sometimes forgetting to make myself lunch specifically because all of my classes are in the middle of the day. If you pack a lunch to bring with you to eat before or during class, you’ll thank yourself in the long run!

3. Get Some Exercise!
I find that if I start my week off by making time to go to the gym, I feel accomplished and want to carry that feeling on throughout the rest of my week. If you aren’t the type of person that enjoys the gym, just simply set time aside to try something new! You can take up yoga or do small exercises in the comfort of your own home, as long as you continue to stay active!

4. Get Some SLEEP!
As college students, it is so easy to get wrapped up in an unhealthy sleeping schedule. If you are completing steps 1-3, you will realize you were so busy staying healthy you forgot to take a NAP! Taking naps always feels good and sometimes feels necessary. However, in order to keep up with a healthy night’s rest, it is important to stay busy and try not to nap as much. If you finish all of your school work and exercise during the day, you will find yourself getting sleepy earlier than usual. Going to sleep early is not a bad thing! If you are going to sleep earlier, you will find it much easier to wake up early and get your day started!

The most important step here is step one, because if you are able to tell yourself to just do it, you can do anything!