Some people really struggle to get their day started every morning, especially if it involves waking up before the sun is up. If you don’t wake up already energized and ready to take on the day, here are a few ways to help you get on that track:

  1. Morning Meditation

Meditation can be hard for some people to get into the habit of. Spending a whole ten minutes focusing on your breathing can seem almost impossible because it’s natural for your mind to begin to wander after only two minutes of attempting to meditate. Waking up and meditating in bed, or sitting at a desk, can get your mind ready to start the day by taking time for yourself rather than thinking and stressing about assignments and deadlines. To get started, there are a few free apps available in the app store that guide you through meditation. The free app called Calm gives you options to listen to specific sounds and encourages you to control your breathing while attempting to meditate. Another meditation app that I use is called Headspace. This app offers many different sessions such as breathing, unwinding, and restoring. It will also send a schedule alert to your phone at whatever time of the day you want to schedule a time to meditate to remind you to open the app and get started!


  1. Drinking Water

A lot of people tend to forget how important it really is to hydrate in the morning! Many people (I am also guilty of this) will head straight to the coffee pot and only drink coffee to start their day. If you are a coffee drinker, do not forget about water! Waking up and gulping down a whole glass of water alerts your body that you are awake and ready to begin your day. This will not only keep you hydrated, but it will also make you feel a bit more energized!


  1. Try Yoga or A Quick Workout

Yoga ties in with meditation, but involves physical activity as well. Mixing meditation and exercise is a great natural way to wake your body up in the morning and it’s relaxing for your mind, body and soul. If you wake up and don’t have the time to head to the gym, do a short workout in your room. I always find that I am more alert after doing a quick workout such as a ten-minute ab, arms, or leg workout video on YouTube!



If you are not into exercising or yoga, simply just set time aside in the morning to stretch! This requires little to no effort, and you don’t even need to leave your bed! Taking your time to stretch out your body after sleeping for hours can give your body a natural energy boost and get you excited and ready to get out of bed!