Who else loves their alone time as much as I do? As students, we are constantly surrounded by our peers with work, classes, and spending time with friends. People tend to forget how important alone time can be to simply let your mind and body rest after a long week.  Here are a few things you can do to embrace your alone time:


  1. Create a wish list. Not like a “what I want for Christmas “ list, but a list of things you wish to accomplish that will benefit your health. It can consist of new health and self-care routines, like using a new face mask or making time to meditate this week. Once you have created this wish list, you can cross things off during your alone time and actually do the things you have been wishing to do!


  1. Put your phone down. Shut off your laptop. Just relax! You might have spent the entire day working on assignments and checking social media; it’s time for a break from technology! Instead of watching Netflix or scrolling through Instagram, find something else you might enjoy doing. This could be anything from cooking a new recipe for dinner, reading a new book, painting, drawing, etc.!


  1. Go for a walk by yourself (in the daytime!). This might seem weird if you don’t have a pet to take on a walk but walking around your neighborhood or in a nature path can really clear your mind. Taking in the fresh air while also getting the exercise can be so good for your mind and body! If you feel weird being alone, you can even call a friend or family member to ask about their day while you walk. This can distract you from of thinking about things you need to accomplish by the end of the week and focusing on other things.


  1. Clean. As college students, some of us tend to put off cleaning our rooms until the last possible second when it becomes too much to bear. Cleaning your house, apartment, dorm or bedroom should definitely be something you put in your self-care wish list!