Reaching the end of the semester, it’s hard to stay organized with the stress of final projects and exams lingering over our heads. I personally find myself more anxious during the end of the semester, trying to fit everything in and often forgetting about upcoming assignments. It’s important to plan your monthly schedule ahead of time because, believe me, you will be thanking yourself once you reach finals week!


If you have a planner, you’re already off to a great start. But the question is: are you consistently updating your monthly calendar? It can be difficult sometimes to remember to even put the assignments you have due into your planner, and then they are often forgotten until the due date approaches. Write things down! If you set your planner in front of you and just map put everything you have due that month, you will already feel less anxious. Choose a certain day you plan on beginning and finishing a project, because if you don’t plan this, you will put it off until the due date is right around the corner.


The Benefits of Planning Ahead


Planning ahead comes with a few benefits. You will not feel rushed to get things done in time. Trying to work on too many assignments and projects at once will overwhelm you, and you will feel as though it is impossible to get all of the work done. Your stress can be limited by the amount of work you tell yourself to do ahead of time – it all goes back to staying organized in order to have a healthy mindset.


You will feel like you have your life together during a time you normally wouldn’t feel this way. Finals week/month can be so overwhelming for college students, and the only way to prevent this stress is to plan ahead. I’m not saying your entire month will run completely smoothly and you will have absolutely no set-backs, but giving this a try will make you feel like you’re on top of it and ahead of the game.


By looking at your monthly calendar spread out and filled with things to do, you will be more likely to stay on track. When you remember why you planned ahead, you will feel like you want to get these things done during the time you scheduled for yourself. You will remember how good you felt when planning these things out, and be reminded that the outcome will feel great, and it will feel like a weight of unnecessary stress is lifted off your shoulders.