Hi! I’m Julie, and I’m having a wonderful time with the rest of my group here in Tucson! Today, we left bright and early to spend the first part of our day with some preschool students at the Pio Decimo Center! After getting some quality playtime and helping the teachers with some tasks, we headed off to lunch, where we enjoyed Sonoran hotdogs and horchata! After lunch, we made our way over to the John Valenzuela Youth Center, where volunteered with their after school program! Following that, we went to the University of Arizona Newman Center, where we attended mass, had dinner, and made some wonderful new friends! We went back to the house for a group reflection, and headed off to bed! Tomorrow, more adventure awaits us, and we can’t wait to update you on what we do next!

Julie, Jenna, Sarah L., and Keith in front of the bulletin board they completed for teachers at the Pio Decimo Center.

The entire group enjoys Sonoran hotdogs and a break.