Hello from Tucson, Arizona! This Sarah Ludwig and Jenna Miller. Today was our first full day here, and it was filled with so much fun. We started off by driving to the Arizona Sonora Desert Museum. On our way there, we took a pit stop to enjoy the magnificent scenery. At the desert museum, we were able to see lots of cool animals native to the Southwest. Included in our trip was the opportunity to attend the “Free Flying Raptor Experience” where we watched an owl, raven, and crested caracaras soar free above us. We had the chance to pet stingrays and discovered how playful and interactive they can be! After departing, we ate our packed lunches on the beautiful drive to San Xavier Del Blanc Mission. We ventured through the local church and courtyard where we encountered many honoring those who have passed. Outside of the church, there were multiple vendors where we tried Indian frybread. It was a delicious snack before our dinner. We headed back to the house to freshen up before dinner. Tonight’s dinner was with a few Gannon alumni at a delicious authentic Mexican restaurant called El Molinito’s. After dinner, we had a productive reflection on the environment and the importance of water conservation. We are finishing out the night by hanging out and are excited to see what tomorrow has in store!