We woke up bright and early this morning, just like any other, only this
time we woke up to snow! I suppose we cannot get away from the cold weather no
matter how far we travel, but it still turned out to be a beautiful day! After
going to Pio Decimo for a short time to help move boxes of food for their food
bank, we drove a few minutes through South Tuscon to the John Valenzuela Youth
Center. It has been a beautiful, lively organization for almost thirty years,
giving students of all ages a safe and loving place to build friendships and
skills to last them their lifetimes.

After finishing painting a play room at the
youth center, we headed back to Pio Decimo for lunch, where we had the most
delicious sandwiches from Eegee’s. As we ate, the directors of Catholic
Charities and Youth Center organization presented about their work and the
impact they have had on the community. Their dedication and passion shone
through as they shared their experiences and the difference they were making in
the lives of so many. 

Following the presentation, we were given a tour
of the youth center and learned about its formation. It was incredible to see
the center’s positive impact on the community and how it provided a safe and
fun space for kids to learn and grow. We played games with the children, and
the excitement on their faces was contagious. We even had ice cream following
the games, which was the perfect treat. 

The games we played were both educational and
entertaining. We learned the history of Tucson through trivia, and we all had a
blast playing Double Dare. We bonded with the children, and their laughter
filled the air. We also had some recreation time and played basketball, which
gave us a chance to bond with the kids even more. 

In the evening, Megan cooked us a delicious stir fry for dinner.
We all gathered in the kitchen, chatting and laughing while Megan cooked up a
storm. Before we called it a night, we had our usual reflection session.
While the tasks were a bit exhausting, our hearts were full, knowing that we
had made a positive impact in our community.