Starting a new year and a new semester means a fresh start and a time to make room for new habits. As we get older, time starts to go by a lot quicker and we begin to lose the desire to give our minds a cleanse when we need it most. For 2020, it is not only a new year, but a new decade. I wanted to share a few goals I have, different things I want to accomplish, what I want to change, and how I am going to stick to my goals! Enjoy and happy 2020… whoo!


Be wise with words and taking more time to think before speaking: 

  Not that I don’t think before speaking, but I have a habit of getting excited about something and then texting someone right away about it. A great example would be a plan that isn’t fully set or put into effect and I only have bits and pieces of it. I love talking to people and there are definitely instances where I could step back for a bit and give it a second before being so quick to share.


Think positive thoughts:

  This is something that benefits you in so many ways even when you don’t realize it. I think it is very important to think positive thoughts and simply try to carry as much positivity with you throughout the day as much as you can. When you think about something, whether it’s in a positive or a negative way, that’s often the outcome you receive. It is definitely a lot easier to give into the negativity and allow yourself to be stuck in that headspace, but if you want to be positive you really do have to strive for it.


Spending less time on electronics:

  I am definitely guilty of being on my phone way more than I should. Whether it’s for checking emails or texts or going on my social media. For me, I find it difficult to spend an extended period of time off of my phone, because I have recently picked up new obligations which require me to have my phone on more than I particularly would. However, something I want to strive toward is definitely using those periods of time throughout the day that I do have to be away from my phone, and using them to the full extent. Something I have been wanting to do but I keep neglecting, is getting back into reading. Even if it’s for 20 minutes in the evening and giving my mind a rest, it is something I want to make more of a priority to incorporate into my daily routine.


Listening to more podcasts opposed to music in the morning:

  Listening to music in the morning is such a great way to boost your mood and listening to your favorite songs makes you feel even better. For me, I find podcasts to be more inspiring and educational as well. Don’t get me wrong, being in college you’re obviously learning more each day, but sometimes it can be information you aren’t exactly interested in. The great thing about podcasts are that you are able to choose the episodes you actually want to listen to and express interest in.


– Those are just a few snippets of some of the goals I have for 2020! Let me know which are your favorites and I would love to know what goals you have set for yourself. Let’s make 2020 the best year yet!