1. You have a mental breakdown at least once a month.
  2. Your entire sophomore year is spent in Zurn.
  3. You’re never really sure which year to put for your graduation date.
  4. You love your classes in Morosky, but you hate the walk there.
  5. You learn to enjoy working on dead bodies.
  6. Scrubs are the comfiest clothes you own.
  7. Most of your close friends are also PAs.
  8. You start diagnosing yourself and others after fourth year.
  9. At some point, your clothes have been stained with someone else’s bodily fluids.
  10. Your family and non-PA friends are annoyed by your casual use of medical terminology.
  11. You find yourself saying, “No, I can’t go out. I have a test in three weeks.”
  12. You get excited for the weekend because you can get the most studying done.
  13. You’re most excited about being able to use the sim lab.
  14. You have a love-hate relationship with science.
  15. Microsoft Word thinks at least half of the words you type are misspelled.
  16. You dread hearing, “What do you want to specialize in?”
  17. You don’t even notice the smell of formaldehyde anymore.
  18. You believe showering is a waste of precious studying time.
  19. Your Christmas list gradually turns into all of the medical supplies you need for fourth year.
  20. You have to explain to others that PA doesn’t stand for “Pennsylvania.”
  21. You figure you probably might as well just start studying now for the PANCE (Physician Assistant National Certifying Exam).
  22. You’ve forgotten what free time is.