Hello Everyone, My name is Jason Wood and this will be my first post here on the Gannon Edge website. My interests include social media, writing, and vlogging as well. I feel that social media is a way for me to express my creativities and for me to have my followers relate to my lifestyle. Most of my posts on here will be about traveling because of my infatuation with traveling the world one day. However, I would like to have this be a free blog, where I can also share my comedic views, in which I am showing you that we are all human. If you cannot laugh at yourself, then how can people see how truly human you really are!

For this travel blog, I would like to talk about Florence, Italy. If you know me before reading this blog, you know that this is my first choice of all the places I would like to travel. If you do not know me, rest assured, this is the cherry on top that I need in my life to maintain my sanity! Below is a picture of the Skyline from top view of Florence.

I have thought about traveling here for so long, because of my horizon expansion that I am so eager to exceed, and because of the amount of inspiration and creativity I could receive from one visit of this place. Florence, in my eyes, is the ideal place of living; if you are like me and love Italian food. In all reality, I would love to expand my closed eye that I have in the world of traveling because we tend to take too much for granted in this US, when it comes to other countries. This could really show me how much, I, myself am taking for granted as well.

Finally, I believe that my creative eye can improve in a place where art is highly valued. I was thinking of traveling abroad to Italy to explore this creative eye of mine, until I realized that Gannon’s travel program does not go there. Thus, I feel that I need to arrive in Italy at some point in my life, giving me a chance to finally decide whether Italy is everything it is sought out to be in my head. The vintage, classical, rare lifestyle I can imagine myself thriving in.