If you are like me and have only been surrounded by magnificent Giant Eagle Market Districts before living in Erie, then consider Wegmans supermarket to be Giant Eagle’s amped up big brother. Here are just five of Wegmans’ best assets:

1. International market. Fresh Indian, kosher, Asian, Italian, Mediterranean and Latin American classics are available at Wegmans. International students often shop and dine at Wegmans because it gives them a delicious taste of home.

2. Five-star quality. Wegmans offers hot Italian, veggie, pasta, soup and salad bars as well as handmade sushi and a sub shop. Restaurants inside grocery stores are the closest thing college students have to heaven.

3. Food for all dietary needs. Unlike most grocery stores, Wegmans carries food to accommodate every diet or allergy. So whether you’re regulating your diabetes, blood pressure, lactose intolerance, heart health or are living a gluten-free lifestyle, you’ll find what you need at Wegmans.

4. Wedding services. Wegmans has a well-established bakery, skilled florists and catering services that collectively specialize in weddings. Cakes, personalized cookies, a wide variety of floral arrangements and Wegmans own specially cooked dishes are all part of wedding prep at the Weg.

5. Products featured on “The Office.” Everyone’s favorite office comedy has been known to slip some Wegmans-brand products into scenes. The show is set in Scranton, Pa., not far from Wegmans headquarters in Rochester, N.Y. Next time you watch an episode, look for W pop or cereal lurking in the shot.