Sports management and marketing is a package major at Gannon. It not only provides terrific insight on the sports industry, but applies it to business practice. After interviewing several students in the major, here are five things to know about SM:

1. An SM degree gives sports fans an opportunity to take their passion beyond just playing the game. They apply their passion to a practical career path in the business world.

2. Sports management and marketing is a four-year degree in the Dahlkemper School of Business. Similar to a degree in business management, SM students learn how to run their own businesses with a focus in sports. Classes cover the history and trends of sports and sports entertainment.

3. This major has a partnership with the Erie Bayhawks. Students get hands-on experience working with professionals in the field and full access to an NBA development basketball facility.

4. SM majors can choose where to intern, which gives them the chance to familiarize themselves with local employers. Erie is a great location for SM students because they have connections to the Bayhawks, Otters, Seawolves, and the Freeze.

5. Possible careers include: athletic director; sales/marketing/management for a sports team; owner/supervisor of a recreation facility or, with a supplemental master’s degree, sports agent.