Theatre and communication arts (T-Comm) is a major at Gannon with an incredible amount of variety. T-Comm students share a love of drama and the drive to work in the media or public relations. Here are five interesting tidbits about T-Comm at Gannon:

1. Students take a number of hands-on production classes, such as Digital Audio Production, TV Production and Corporate Video. These classes are held in the recording and television production studios located in the Schuster Theatre and Nash Library.

2. After four years, T-Comm students receive a Bachelor of Arts. They graduate with a background in both theater and communications without the weight of a double major.

3. Students become familiar with all aspects of theatre. In addition to learning how to accurately criticize, analyze, write and perform theatrical productions, they study directing, set design and technical production.

4. T-Comm majors have the opportunity for airtime at Gannon’s own 3,000-watt radio station, 90.5 WERG. An alternative rock station, WERG streams live to all of Erie and is accessible to anyone in the world online.

5. After graduation, many students attend graduate school, while others go straight to radio stations, broadcast networks and theatre companies. Gannon’s T-Comm alumni work in New York City, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Los Angeles, Washington, D.C as well as Erie.