Ever considered the religious life or just want to learn more about religion? Then Gannon’s Theology Department might have the class for you. Here are 5 things to know about theology as a major:

1.The total number of credits required is 128 total credits for the bachelor’s degree in theology. Some interesting classes are: The Synoptic Gospels, Women and the Pilgrim Church, Theology and Moral Response, and Theology of Marriage.

2. As part of the requirement for graduation, students will be placed as an intern in a school to teach religious education.

3. Being attached to a parish as a student will allow you to assist the community by working through the university and helping with the daily needs of a school or parish.

4. A degree in Theology will allow you to grow closer in a relationship with God and understanding the different teachings and dynamics of the Catholic Church.

5. Graduate programs in Pastoral Studies include: Opportunities in Pastoral Care, Religious Education, Pastoral Leadership, and Deaconate Formation.

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