We all know that college isn’t easy. Especially as a freshman coming to Gannon, I get very stressed about everything that goes into being a good student. From the new professors to preparing for finals, being a student is highly stressful. This is why it is important to have many ways of managing stress. Personally, I like to incorporate music into the ways I relax.


  1. Take a Dance Break

Whether you’re studying for finals or just trying to lighten the mood in between classes, you can just put on your favorite songs and dance it out. Dancing is a good way to brighten your day as well as get in some physical activity while you’re at it! Don’t be afraid to dance like nobody’s watching.




  1. Make a Driving Playlist (for commuters)

Being up early for that 8 a.m. class is hard, so why not have a playlist of uplifting music you can listen to while you’re on your way to class? While you’re driving to the campus you can have your own little concert and jam out. Listening to music in the car always helps improve my mood.


  1. Make an Instrumental Study Playlist

When studying it can be easy to quickly lose interest and get overwhelmed. Make a playlist of songs without lyrics so that you have a nice vibe going, but the lyrics won’t be distracting. I hope you find that this makes studying feel like much less of a chore.


  1. Go to a Concert or see Live Music

On the weekends you may just need to get away or take a break. Going to see live music with your friends can be a great way to let go a little and have fun. You’ll feel refreshed when you come back on Monday and be ready to take on the week!


  1. Make a Bedtime Playlist

When it’s time to relax and lay down for the night, it is important to set the right mood to be able to have a good night’s rest. Make a playlist of quiet and calming music that you can easily fall asleep to. You will wake up feeling happy and refreshed!


There are many different ways to incorporate music into your life in order to manage your stress. Whatever genre you prefer, you can use music to help you relax or improve your mood.