After hitting the books hard for over a month, college students enjoy a break. At Gannon, fall break runs Oct. 10-14. Here are seven ideas for unwinding during your time off:

1. Catch a game.  Whether you are at home or at Gannon, there are plenty of fall sports to check out.  Go to a high school football or volleyball game. The women’s volleyball team will play Edinboro at home Oct. 12. The next day, the football team will take on crosstown rivals, the Mercyhurst Lakers. Get out and support your favorite teams!

2. Just relax. Grab some warm cider or something pumpkin flavored and unwind. Read a book, watch a movie or just visit with friends and family. This time is yours to de-stress and reset your mind for the rest of the semester.

3. Enjoy this time of year. See the natural beauty around you by taking a walk outside. Go to Presque Isle or another state park and enjoy the perks of foliage.

4. Carve pumpkins. One of the most iconic things you can do in the fall. Get some friends and see who has the most artistic abilities, or better yet who can wield a knife without cutting themselves with a knife!

5. Go to a haunted maze/forest/house. In northwestern Pennsylvania, there are surpluses of corn fields. Some of these fields get converted into haunted mazes in which scary individuals will try to lead you down the wrong path.  Most theme parks also have offer a Halloween twist to their parks during the night.

6. Pick out a Halloween costume. The worst thing you can do the night before Halloween is grab a sheet and tell yourself that you are a convincing ghost. That’s a no-no. Plan well ahead of time during your break and concoct the perfect costume!

7. Unfortunately, study. During this time of the year, juniors and seniors take a multitude of grad program entrance exams. High schoolers will be taking the SAT and the ACT. As nice as it would be to take a whole week off, it always pays to study for the future.

Big thanks go to Danielle Betz and Katie Pasek for some of the ideas.