Welcome to Edge’s newest blog, “Sci-Guy.” Learn about life at Gannon from Matt Kridel, Edge’s new assistant editor and a sophomore biology / pre-med major.

My journey to Gannon started with a postcard.

It said, “Apply to the Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine (LECOM) 4+4 program.” By this point, like many other high school seniors, I was sick of the application process (especially after applying to twelve other schools), and I had never heard of LECOM or Gannon. But at the urging of my father and encouraged by Gannon’s use of the Common Application, I applied.

Three visits, two interviews and one acceptance letter later, I was officially a student at Gannon University.

Part of what influenced me to choose Gannon was the publication you are reading right now – Edge. One video in particular, Gannon Students Believe In the Possibilities, caught my eye. The students in the video (most of whom I now call my friends) all expressed different statements, but with one common phrase: “I believe.”

Gannon’s motto, “Believe in the possibilities,” should ring true for any prospective college student and does so especially for those entering Gannon University this fall.

I never thought it would be possible for a biology major in a pre-medical program to be in two plays and one musical, enter a cooking competition, assist refugee children from Nepal, dance in the middle of the street in a parade, analyze some of the greatest paintings in the world, be on the radio and walk on a frozen lake in the dead of winter. But because of Gannon, I’ve done all those things.

To all graduates, both from high school and from college, congratulations! You all have so much potential and the possibilities in front of you are endless.

To those graduating from GU, we will miss you. Be proud to call yourselves alumni of Gannon University and know that you are well prepared for every opportunity that comes your way.

To those entering Gannon in the fall, I can’t wait to meet you! College is a fantastic experience and you’ll be amazed at what you discover when you believe in the possibilities!

Enjoy your summer!

Until next time,

Matt 🙂