A new semester brings a new perspective on your studies, right? At least, it’s supposed to.  This time last year, I was getting ready to spend a semester abroad in Paris instead of returning to Gannon. This year, I’m not taking any major trips out of the country. Instead, I’m coming back to Gannon with a whole new mindset.

This semester, I’m going to do my best to keep my GPA up while still being active on campus and starting to study for the GRE, the test I’ll need to take to get in to graduate schools. While it’s not required for some of the schools I’m applying to, I think taking the test will still look good on my applications. Standardized tests, like the GRE or the SAT, have always played with my nerves, so I’m hoping that early preparation – and a math practice book! – will help me relax and do as well as I can. Grad school is starting to seem closer and closer, and while I know I still have quite a bit of time, I can’t help but start planning.

Other than prepping for the GRE, I’m looking forward to this semester. I’m getting to do some fun things at the Schuster Theatre and I’m taking interesting classes, including a French literature class. It’s my first French class since returning from Paris. I love to read so this should be a great class. I’m looking forward to using my French skills again, as I haven’t really had the opportunity to do very much in the language recently.

I’m also trying my hand at something completely new: a shift at Gannon’s radio station, WERG. A friend of mine recently asked if I’d be willing to try it and I’m looking forward to being a DJ.

This semester is already sounding good to me – I hope it stays that way!

Talk to you soon,