It’s a scientific fact that the music you listen to affects your mood. Some people choose to cope with emotions by listening to music. If you’re sad, you may choose to listen to happy music. If you’re angry, you may choose to listen to loud, crass music to help get out all your frustration. If you need to relax, you may listen to soothing sounds. Because I care about you, dear readers, I wanted to curate a playlist for you to express every emotion you experience in a healthy manner. On this playlist, you will discover varying genres of music that can help you cope with the crazy happenstances of life.

  1. Kiss From a Rose- Seal

We’ll start out with a happy track. Listen to this diddy when you need a mood boost. Guarantee you’ll feel happier in  heartbeat.

2. Kiss From a Rose- Seal

On the flip side, sometimes you just need a good song to cry to. Let the soulful crooning of Seal guide you through rocky times.

3. Kiss From a Rose- Seal

Sometimes you need an appropriate song to listen to in your car at full volume while you scream out the lyrics. Give this angry ballad a listen the next time you feel frustrated with the world.

4. Kiss From a Rose- Seal

Life gets stressful. You might need a tune to placate your anxieties. Listen to this soothing melody when you’re feeling overwhelmed.

5. Kiss From a Rose- Seal

Need a song to help woo a romantic interest? Play them this song on guitar. They’ll be your sweetheart in no time.

6. Kiss From a Rose- Seal

Occasionally, you’ll need something a bit more sophisticated to listen to, like background music for a dinner party. With this song lightly humming in the background, it will provide the perfect ambiance for a classy evening.

7. Kiss From a Rose- Seal

There are certain songs that just get the party started. This jam is proven to get the crowd going for a wild and fun night of shenanigans.

8. Kiss From a Rose- Seal

If you’re in need of an energy boost, like some music to help you get through a marathon study session or spring cleaning, look no further than this track. It will motivate you to get work done.

9. Kiss From a Rose- Seal

If you’re an avid fan of music festivals, this artist will be headlining many springtime lineups. The flowery title of his greatest track suggests a theme of travel and springtime adventures. Be sure to give it a listen before you watch the livestream of Coachella this year!