For prospective college students, spring can be a busy time of year. Students who haven’t made up their mind regarding their future have research to do and information to weigh as they narrow down their choices. Students who know where they will be attending classes in the Fall have to start thinking of all the details that come with adjusting to college life.

Some of the important tools during this process are admissions events, like overnights, campus tours and college fairs. These give students the chance to see and experience potential environments for the next step in their education. They also provide the opportunity to talk with professors and students to get much needed perspective on their options.

Gannon University hosts a multitude of these events throughout the spring season. First and foremost are the scheduled campus tours. Before going to the bigger events, students may want a chance to see the campus on their own at their convenience. Information about scheduling visits can be found here. There are weekday and Saturday times to see the campus, meet with faculty and observe academic programs.

“Visiting Gannon’s campus was extremely helpful when I was making a decision about where to attend college,” said Michael Haas, a sophomore double major in political science and theatre. “I grew up in Erie, so I thought I knew what Gannon was like, but I was absolutely incorrect. Visiting the campus really gives you a unique perspective on what life will be like once you come to school here.”

For those students who have already made up their minds, or even those who haven’t, Admitted Student Days offer a chance to get a more in-depth view of the Gannon experience. Prospective students have the chance to learn about the different processes on campus, from advising to housing, class registration and financial aid. On top of this information, attendees will be able to hear current GU students speak about their experience at Gannon, as well as have lunch and speak with an advisor in their program of interest. There is also a chance to sit in on a class and experience the classroom setting. Weekday admitted student days this spring are on March 20 and 27, and April 10 and 17. There are also two Saturday admitted student days on March 28 and April 11.


To get an even fuller picture of what life at Gannon could be like, there are scheduled “Overknight” visits. These offer much of the same information and opportunities as the admitted student days, but also give prospective students the chance to stay overnight in a residence hall with current students. This can be useful for students who are trying to get whether or notGannon is a good fit for them. It also gives them a night to talk with current students in an informal setting. These events take place on March 22-23 and April 12-13.

Also on the docket is Spring Preview Day on April 18 and the Spring College Fair on May 12. The preview is much like many of the other events in that it includes a tour, information sessions and a chance to speak with faculty and students. For students looking for more information or looking to narrow down their decision, this can be a very helpful event.

New this year are “Future Knight’s Out.” These nights are opportunities for future students to meet with alumni from their hometowns. Check out the cities below and register to attend at Knights

I just listed plenty of events and a lot of information. It may seem overwhelming, but Gannon works hard to ensure every interested student has a chance to experience the university in as many ways as possible. The different events tailor to the many questions prospective students have about college life and especially life at Gannon.

There are chances to see the academics and talk to teachers for those concerned about how Gannon’s academic programs fit their goals. There are countless opportunities to talk to students and see the dorms so that students can see what kind of community they would be surrounded by at Gannon. Any questions someone might have can be answered by the variety of campus visit options. To learn more and register, visit