Thank God that Christmas break is getting closer. Like every other person on campus I am very much anticipating the break. That’s not only because it’ll be the end of classes and exams – and possibly the world – but most importantly “The Hobbit” will finally be released. I will at last have the time I need to divert all of my attention into another long, awe-inspiring and gorgeous Peter Jackson movie.

I remember trying to read “The Hobbit” when I was little. The language of the story seemed to be some strange variant of modern English that still smacked of Shakespeare, but somehow I was enthralled by the furry-footed, hole-dwelling creature introduced to me. This little creature entranced me as he went on his way with his band of dwarves on an adventure to fight a dragon and reclaim some gold.

I think what got me most my excited about the story was that I could see a little bit of Bilbo’s character in myself. I was also, and still am, insanely jealous that he lives in Middle-Earth. He had that same adventurous spirit and desire to go places that has always been inside of me.

I suppose now would be the time to correlate my decision to attend college in a different state to the adventure I craved when I was young. But I’ve still not fought a single dragon nor obtained a single gem or gold coin during my time in Erie. Maybe I’m doing it wrong.

No, I would have to say my decision to attend college in Erie was as unexpected an adventure as Bilbo’s. I didn’t know exactly what it would entail or how it would go. I just agreed and went along for the ride, and I certainly never planned it. And if I’ve learned one fact during my time, it’s that life exists in stages that make planning impossible and unfolds into the most unexpected of adventures – like how “The Hobbit” unfolds into the “Lord of the Rings” trilogy, one would really never see it coming.

So, while the end of the semester finds you winding down for the end of classes, exams or even the world, be sure to enjoy time away from school. And if the occasion calls, have an adventure. Until next semester!