Forget about changing leaves or Halloween. The main reason I’m excited for fall is the return of “American Horror Story.”

This edgy show, a favorite among college students, returned for its fourth season on Wednesday. From what fans can gather, the show will focus on a traveling circus consisting of sideshow characters – or, as the series calls them, “freaks.”

Viewers have been binge watching past seasons of AHS for weeks in preparation of the arrival of “Freak Show.” If you’ve been a fan of the show since the “Murder House” arc, here are a few signs you might be a little obsessed with AHS. Warning: spoilers ahead!

Season One – “Murder House”

  • You sing along with the opening credits – even though the credits aren’t musical at all.
  • Even though Tate Langdon is an insane psychopath, you still liked him as a character. This led to a bit of a moral dilemma on your part.
  • You sobbed like a baby when Addie was hit by a car during the season one Halloween special. She just wanted to be a “pretty girl!”
  • You really didn’t care about the progression of Vivien and Ben’s relationship. You just wanted to see if Tate and Violet ended up together.
  • You desperately want to know the answer to the question, “Who is”

Season Two – “Asylum”

  • You’ve mastered all of Jessica Lange’s various accents from seasons 1-3. Your “Sister Jude” accent is especially impressive.
  • The abrupt plot twists in this arc made you question the sanity of creators Ryan Murphy and Brad Fulchuk. Aliens? Demons? Anne Frank? Are you guys okay?
  • You weren’t exactly sure why Adam Levine was included in season two, but you’re glad it happened.
  • “The Name Game” was your ringtone. In fact, it’s still your ringtone.
  • You watched behind-the-scenes footage and discovered that the actress who played Pepper, Naomi Grossman, is beautiful.
  • You legitimately did not see the plot twist involving Zachary Quinto’s character, Dr. Thredson, coming and you screamed at your TV incredulously. You cheered when Sarah Paulson’s character, Lana, was able to escape from his clutches.

Season Three – “Coven”

  • You’re convinced that the seasons get more and more musical as they progress. Was Stevie Nicks really necessary to the season three plot? Probably not, but again, you’re glad it happened.
  • You KNOW that you are the next Supreme.
  • You loved all the girl power in “Coven.” Rock on, ladies.
  • You still have no idea what actually happened in the last few episodes of “Coven.” But you think you liked it.

Hopefully, the obsession only grows with the installment of “Freak Show.” “American Horror Story: Freak Show” airs Wednesdays at 10 p.m. on FX.