Edge has finally concluded it’s search for a candidate to replace the soon to be graduating heads of Edge, Aaron Mook and Adam Miller. Edge would like to congratulate the yet-to-be-born child of Gannon’s Enrollment Communications Coordinator Nicole Lossie on being selected for the position.

Current Editor in Chief, Aaron Mook had this to say in his official statement, “Although not being born yet might suggest a lack of experience, we found Boss Baby (That’s the title we’ve settled on.) to be a highly qualified individual who we feel will be ready to take on the job in the Fall”. When pressed on the subject, Mook recommended that any skeptics check out the movie The Boss Baby, an animated biographical film based on the future life of Edge’s own Boss Baby. “I really think you will see the leadership qualities that BB brings to the table on display in the film. It’s a real treat.”

In director Tom McGrath’s explanation of the film he said, “I know it seems unconventional to commission an animated biopic about the future life story of a subject who hasn’t been born yet, but we really felt like there was a story that needed to be told there and wanted to tell it as soon as possible. Alec Baldwin does great justice to the character of Boss Baby through his voice work. I think everyone will be surprised by just how accurate we managed to make this film to the real life future events. I can’t wait for everyone to see it”


Below is the trailer for the film, which debuted yesterday, in theaters everywhere.