So, you don’t have a car on campus?  And wait – you only have a dollar in your pocket?  Perfect.  Thanks to Gannon’s Activities Programming Board, that dollar is all you need for a fun night with friends and a big-screen movie.

Every other weekend, APB brings a movie to the Zurn building, right in the middle of campus.  For one dollar, grab a bag of popcorn and find some seats to sit back and enjoy a cinematic adventure.

Sophomore business administration major and APB Movie Chair Olivia Colonello said all the movies are pre-home release, except for three.

“The pre-home release basically means that we get the chance to show them before they come out on DVD,” she said.

Students also have the opportunity to choose movies they like that have already come out on DVD.

Freshman theatre and communication arts major Allison Kessler said she enjoys spending quality time with her friends at movie nights.

“APB gives students an alternative to social activities,” Kessler said. “The movie prices are inexpensive and are an easy access to hang out with a group of friends.”

Brian Wojtkielewicz, a senior pre-med/biology major, commented on how the activities brought to us help bring fun and entertainment to Gannon along with a sense of community.

“It gives the student body a chance to meet each other and get a break from studying during the week,” Wojtkielewicz said. “Having social outlets allows students to hang out together to form stronger bonds and, in the end, build stronger community in the university.”

With so many showings of the same movie on campus each weekend, students have enough room to spread out in the large lecture hall without all crowding in to the same showing – no jam-packed, awkward movie theater crawling here!

Movie nights are open to everyone on campus as long as they have their Gannon ID. Admission is one dollar – and free popcorn is served. It doesn’t get much better than that!

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