Fans crowded the Hammermill Center during an APB concert featuring Cartel and Fabolous. This year, Jason Detulo headlines a concert on April 24.

Fans crowded the Hammermill Center during an APB concert featuring Cartel and Fabolous. This year, Jason Derulo headlines a concert on April 28.

Ask anyone who’s ever been to a concert – there is truly nothing in the world like live music. Dim lights, pumping sound and tons of friends around is a winning combination.

At Gannon and in Erie, there is no shortage of live music; we have the Erie Philharmonic, the Warner Theatre, Gannon’s own band and choir and a handful of musical productions both at the Erie Playhouse and our Schuster Theatre.

However, sometimes as much as we all love classical music and show tunes (admit it or not, it’s great to study and relax to!), a little bit of Top 40 music is fantastic for rocking out.

Enter The Maine, We the Kings and Jason Derulo – the three acts lined up to perform at Gannon April 28 in the Hammermill Center, thanks to the hard work of the Activities Programming Board. APB brings in big-name concerts to campus every other year.

“The choices work, even though they are all very different,” said junior advertising communications major Erin Bogda, “While Maine and We The Kings have more of an alternative feel, Jason Derulo is more of a Top 40 feel. But, together I think these choices will help to bring in a variety of people to the concert.”

Gannon may be a smaller campus, but that doesn’t mean we can’t get A-list musicians to come treat our school to a fantastic evening; two years ago, the student-packed Hammermill Center played host to the Tim Blane Band, Fabolous and Cartel.

“I think the line-up is great and it’s getting tons of attention around the area,” said sophomore marketing major Jasse Camacho. “Jason Derulo is an awesome up-and-coming artist with some really cool songs that have easily become some of my favorites. You better believe I’ll be at the concert!”

Some students say they enjoy the APB concerts simply for the feel of the room – even if they don’t know the music.

“I’ll definitely go to the concert this year,” said Jeff Slater, a sophomore chemistry major. “Any concert is better than no concert at all, and the atmosphere should be good.”

Check out Gannon’s event listings for more information and to find out how you can score tickets. While you’re at it, take a look at some sweet photos from the last APB concert.

Rock on!

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