This article by Jacob Tarr originally appeared in the April 27 edition of The Gannon Knight.

The Student Government Association recently passed a motion to give $9,750 to the One Green World Café (formerly known the International Student Office Coffee Shop) in order to expand its business.

The $9,750 investment will be used to purchase a $5,000 expresso machine, a $3,000 freezer and two blenders for $1,750.

However, that amount of money will only be funded if the university’s administration approves One Green World Café to move into the Antler’s building, a plan that is under the discretion of Lexie Mastro, SGA vice president of academic affairs and a leader for the Antler’s Task Force.

The university purchased the Antler’s property, building and and equipment for $180,000 on Dec. 21, said Linda Wagner, vice president for finance and administration, in a January 2011 interview with The Gannon Knight. The transaction does not include the liquor license, as the current property owner is looking to relocate the pub, she said.

Wagner added that the university bought the adjacent 10-space parking lot from a different owner in August 2010 for $267,000. Antler’s will remain open and continue to operate as a bar until May 15.

Wagner is also the person who has the final decision of what goes into the Antler’s building. A decision won’t be made until this summer when the Board of Trustees from the Antler’s Task Force meets shortly after Commencement, said Alan Swigonski, director of the Waldron Campus Center and the manager of the One Green World Café .

Swigonski said he favors the potential move-in of the One Green World Café .

“I believe One Green World is a very good fit for the new facility, but we also need to maximize the use of the facility by students with late night programs and activities,” he said.

Swigonski said that the space is very important to the university. After dark, he said, the Waldron Campus Center is no longer the center of the campus.

“The center of campus shifts to where the residence halls are, and this gives us a unique opportunity to provide a convenient place for students to gather and socialize at an event, grab some coffee or a late night snack, or just hang out,” he said.

Because it’s still too early, he said, the total cost of the renovations are not known yet.

“We expect that summer renovations will include (at least) general repairs, cleaning and painting, technology installation and some accommodations for handicapped access,” he said. “It is safe to say that this will be a phased project.”

Gannon and Villa Maria College alumni are invited to a special “Last Call” event at Antler’s from 7-9 p.m. Thursday, May 5. As part of the event, alumni will be entitled to one complimentary drink as they reminisce and reconnect with fellow graduates.

This article by Jacob Tarr originally appeared in the April 27 edition of The Gannon Knight.