Running may be one of the easiest and least expensive ways to stay in shape – yet, for some, one of the hardest activities to gather the motivation to start.

As a self-proclaimed non-runner, I found it hard to believe anyone had the desire to move that quickly in a non-descript direction when not being chased. But, it didn’t take long to find several Gannon students who not only enjoy running, but also have a passion for it.

See the art of running from the eyes of David Reichard, a junior elementary and special education major; Allison Kessler, a freshman theatre & communication arts major; and Jared Lossie, a sophomore mechanical engineering major.

David ReichardDavid Reichard
junior elementary and special education major

Sweat. Determination. Accomplishment. Why do I run? Well, I have been involved in athletics since I was little. Soccer, baseball, wrestling: all sports that involved more time and effort than just running. However, when I entered high school I was more than excited to run cross country. Why? Because running is a stress reliever.

While running, I feel free. I clear my mind and run – just run. During races, I set a goal, whether it’s a time to meet or a place to take. I look straight ahead, relax my body and go.

As I came to college, I promised myself I would continue to run. After a test or a difficult day, there is no better feeling than running outside with the Erie breeze hitting my face as I run around the bayfront.

Crossing the finish line is the best part; it brings a feeling of accomplishment. So, next time you have a stressful day or need to clear your mind…pop in your iPod and run!

Allison KesslerAllison Kessler
freshman theatre & communication arts major

Running for me is much like acting; I am able to get away from all the stress the world brings and let not only my mind but my body go to this placed that makes me feel accomplished, alive and happy.

Here at Gannon – if the weather is not that great – I run in the Carneval Athletic Pavilion, but as the weather gets nice you will find me outside running down to the bayfront.

People should run because it is a wonderful hobby to get into and can help anyone get through some crazy times in their lives. It is a good work out that keeps people in shape and is a great way to rid the mind of foolish worries 🙂

Jared LossieJared Lossie
sophomore mechanical engineering major

Hmm. Why do I run? That is a significant question.

I run for a couple reasons. One, because it is a great way to stay in shape; it is a full body workout. Two, because it is a great way to deal with the stress that a busy life can bring. Running is a great escape from the monotony of life.

Third, I run because I love it! I love the wind in my hair, feeling my heart beating in my chest and the feeling of accomplishment after completing a successful run. I just love all that running has to offer.

Here on campus I like to run at the indoor track. I love running outside at home, but here on campus I like the safety of the CAP as well as being able to keep track of how far I’ve run by simply counting laps. It’s also nice to be able to get a mile time with the help of that obnoxiously large clock in the corner of the track.

Why should people run? Besides the obvious fact that it is a great workout and a huge stress relief, running has the potential to fit into any lifestyle. Students can run, businessmen can run, and so can mothers, fathers, busy people and people who have all the time in the world. Anyone can run, and you can run anywhere. Running can be adapted to work for you, and that is why it is such an amazing physical activity.

So the question isn’t, “Why run?” It’s more like… “Why not?”

Gannon students and Erieites: Where’s your favorite local place for a run? Comment below!

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