What are you working on? Whatever it is, I’m sure you’ve been working hard and deserve a quick break.

-This week in my theatre criticism class, the Rev. Shawn Clerkin asked us all to share some piece of art that we felt was sublime, meaning pleasing all and always. People had lots of different responses, but by far my favorite came from junior Malcolm Woodbury. He pulled up YouTube and started playing a video by Ryan Leslie. This guy plays this amazing music he creates entirely by himself, recording the different pieces then putting it all together. By far one of the coolest things I’ve seen in pretty much forever – it sort of reminds me of the “Don’t Worry, Be Happy” guy who recorded the whole song using only sounds he could create with his mouth.

-Gannon sports teams do a whole lot more than just score goals. They also play a helpful role in Gannon’s philanthropic mission. Last weekend, the GU hockey club played a game in the name of cancer awareness and research. Check out more about the hockey team here, and read a preview of the game here.

-Speaking of awesome things our sports teams are doing, the Lady Knights basketball team just had their annual “Pink Zone” game this month. Basketball really can help find a cure for breast cancer. Watch Edge’s video coverage of the high-scoring fundraiser.

-If you’re around Gannon’s campus any time during the month of March, stop by and check out any of our awesome events going on all month long!

-Everyone likes a good optical illusion, and this one is by far my favorite. But don’t stare too long… your face might get stuck that way.