As the end of the semester approaches, and the workload teachers are assigning seems never-ending, sometimes all you need is a quick, stress-free study break to get your focus back. Here is a pre-packaged break just for you — put down your textbook and check out a few of these links — you deserve a break.

–          Did you know it’s possible to take some Gannon courses without ever stepping into a classroom? GU offers several courses that can be taken online including nursing classes, public administration classes and engineering management classes. Coming this fall, Gannon will be adding business administration to the list.

–          Do you have a pet? Ever notice that it’s always just when you get really comfortable and warm in bed in the middle of the night that he or she decides to start barking, meowing, scratching or… well, whatever else animals do to cause chaos and destruction? Well before you put Muffy outside in the snow, take a moment to be thankful you don’t have Smokey the Purring Cat living in your house. The owners posted a video of their cat, claiming its sound is 16 times louder than an average cat, reaching 73 decibels. Odd, I know, but kind of interesting. Plus, the cat’s just adorable.

–          Whether you’re a fair-weather baseball fan or a hardcore real-life (or fantasy) football-playing jock, Gannon’s athletic program has enough action to keep you on your toes. Even Edge is involved in the action with Alex “Q” Bieler’s blog, Game On.

–          I wish I could pop and lock (or dance at all for that matter). But, it seems like some people got all the talent genes, and I’m left here to continue my studies. While I sit here and mope, you can check out one such amazing 10-year-old talent as he competes to win a talent competition.

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