Even though summer’s not here quite yet, it’s still time to keep pushing forward on that college search. So to help you continue smoothly into the merry month of April, we’ve got a fresh new checklist to aid you and your plan of action (with the help of our dear friends at collegeboard.com, of course).


– Check out what college preparatory courses your school offers. It’s never a bad idea to early to get a jump start on classes colleges recommend you have under your belt before stepping on campus. For some tips on that check out collegeboard.com’s suggestion page.

– Start weighing your options for the summer. Whether it’s a job, internship or summer volunteer position, anything you do outside your high school classroom looks phenomenal on a college application.

– Check with your counselor and search online for summer learning programs.


– Check out collegeboard.com’s suggestions for finding the perfect summer job. This page is packed full of tips on landing something that will not only make you some cash over the summer but bring you one step closer to a real job after college.

– Search out your school’s college preparatory courses to know what you’ll need to take before applying for a school.

– Ask your counselor about summer school learning programs. Education doesn’t have to stop in the summer.


– Make sure you’re visiting some schools to get a feel for what works for you. You might be surprised to find a huge university isn’t something you feel comfortable in. There are certain things you can’t see on paper or on a website, so step into the shoes of a student and check it out.

– Start narrowing your list to around 15-20 schools you’re interested in. You can search for colleges using My College List.

Prepare for AP Exams. If you do well you can even receive college credits or advanced placement in college courses.

– Start planning for the summer and your senior year. Make sure your senior class schedule is challenging enough to keep you engaged and help you be successful in the application process.

– While planning for the summer, think about a volunteer position, summer job or internship.


– It’s the month of acceptance letters! Check your mail often, as most letters are sent around mid-April.

– Use Compare Your Aid Awards to compare financial aid awards from different schools. Make sure to ask questions of the financial aid officers to make sure you understand the packages being offered.

– Visit your final college before accepting.

– Make your final choice before May 1. You’ll need to tell every college of your decision whether it’s yes or no. At this point you can send your deposit to the school you choose.

Wait-listed? If you’re accepted and want to enroll, talk to your admissions representative.

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