Today we woke up to the rising sun at 8:00 am on hammocks. We had breakfast with father Felix. We ate pancakes, eggs, fruit, chilaquiles, and sweet Mexican bread. After breakfast we took a tour of the convent and the church next to it. We even got to climb onto the roof and see some baby hawks.

After the tour we attended mass at a local church near Uayma. We had a warm welcome from the people there as Father Felix welcomed us to their small town. After the mass we went to a cenote where we swam for a few hours in the beautiful water.

Many of us did dives and flips off the diving board. We had lunch at the cenote and then had a relaxing swim in the pools next to the cenote. We then left around 5:00 pm to head home which was about a two hour drive. Once home we all went for a little walk around where we were staying to see if the local coffee shop was still open. It sadly was not so we went to a near by part and tried some food from food stands. We had a whole different range of foods before heading back to make some late dinner.

We had BLTs an grilled cheese sandwiches before reflecting on the day. Finally then we went to bed.