On Thursday, we woke up to make a big breakfast including eggs, toast, and egg sandwiches. After breakfast we went across the street to work on some service at the mission house. We painted the walls surrounding the house. After this we went and made a lunch which included BLTs and other ham sandwiches. After lunch, we spent the evening relaxing and enjoying the much-needed rest time.

We also finally made it out to the little coffee shop where we got coffee and strawberry smoothies. We came home to eat a delicious Yucatán meal that our neighbors made. We spent the night telling stories and enjoying each other’s company. Our favorite story was the one about the green golf ball.

On Friday we woke up to make breakfast at our place which consisted of eggs, fruit, and waffles. After relaxing for the morning we went to a buffet for lunch which serve the most delicious assortment of foods. After lunch we went back to downtown Merida. We did some last minute shopping for hammocks and souvenirs. We then came home and walked down the street to the local food trucks for dinner.

We all tried lots of different food before walking home. We spent the evening reflecting on the trip and packing for the trip home tomorrow.