With all of the different holidays that are coming up, people are going to want to decorate their dorms and maybe even themselves for different festivities. But I do know, as a college student, that buying decorations and costumes can get very expensive, so I wanted to write a blog on a few different ways you can make your own crafts, decorations, and even cheaper stores around Erie, or even some online stores that would be convenient too.


  • Buying
    • With Halloween being the first holiday around this time, many people are going to start thinking of their costume. Also, people come up with different fall décor that they could have around their house, dorm room apartment, etc. even if it not Halloween themed, but Thanksgiving themed as well. There are a few different stores that are close to Gannon that you would be able to get decorations from or supplies to make your own. Right downtown we have the dollar store, which has cheaper decorations that you can count on being there. But within driving distance there is a Hobby Lobby, the craft store in the mall. Marshalls or TJ Maxx will also have some decorations that will be on the cheaper side.
  • Crafting
    • There are many different things that you can craft to have as decorations that will be inside of your budget. A few ideas would be making little knit pumpkins. You can get yarn and/or string – whatever one you want – and sew up small pumpkins that can sit on tables, shelves, etc.
    • A wreath on any door or just on the wall would be very cute and easy. Just get some holiday colored string and a plain green wreath. You can spray paint the wreath and stick different holiday decorations on it.
    • You can easily go grab some leaves outside and glue them together to make cute little leaf décor. You could put them on the wall, door, windows, etc.

I hope that these ideas are able to help you out and get your house or yourself all ready for Halloween! Before each holiday, I will be writing a décor blog just like this one. So, stay tuned for Thanksgiving, everyone! Wishing you a Halloween filled with special treats and lots of exciting tricks!