Fall is my favorite time of the year for a reason: You get to experience the air getting crisper, the leaves changing color. Campus is bustling with chatter of…nervous moms and kids touring Gannon’s facilities?

Believe it or not, I love campus touring season. I love seeing the faces of prospective students as they tour Gannon. Do they like it? Will they come here? Oh, the anticipation!

When I was looking at schools, I could honestly care less about campus tours. I was the kid who shuffled around in the back of the line while my mom peppered the tour guide with every single imaginable question: What are the dining hours of the cafeteria? Can we look inside of the library? What’s the deal with campus security? Do you know any nice boys that would date my daughter?

Looking back on the experience, I wish I had taken advantage of campus tours instead of walking around like a zombie while my parents harassed the tour guide. I mean, this was my future after all. Bearing this is mind, I’m going to discuss some do’s and don’ts of getting the most out of your campus tours.


1. DO ask questions

Don’t be that indifferent kid who tries to stealthily Snapchat while on a tour. You have a wonderful resource in front of you: a living, breathing college student. This person is 100 percent relatable and knows the ins and outs of campus life. You don’t have to ask them “mom” questions, but if you want real-life scenarios answered, now would be the time to ask. Some good questions: What is the best place to study on campus? What is the main campus hangout? Where is the best place on campus to get food?

2. DO dress for the weather and comfort

Erie weather – it’s unpredictable. Listen to your mom and bring a jacket. She’s right, it might get chilly. Also, now is not the time to wear those cute shoes. This may come as a shock, but touring a campus requires a lot of walking. Wear your comfy walking shoes instead. Your feet will thank you.

3. DON’T feel overwhelmed

Most likely, your tour guide will be talking a mile a minute and switching from topic to topic and you’ll be so distracted by all the new buildings and how cool the students look and oh my gosh. Stop. Breathe. To combat this sensory overload, research the school beforehand. That way, while the tour guide is going over things you already researched, you can scope out the students and scenery. Also, it doesn’t hurt to make a list of questions that you definitely want answered. That way you remember your priorities in the event you get overwhelmed.

4. DO hold the door open

It’s common courtesy. Come on. Nobody likes a door slammed in their face.


Campus tours can be a deciding factor of whether you choose the best school for you or not. As Gannon Guide Aaron Mook says, “I not only think campus tours are helpful in the decision making process; I think they’re integral to finding a university that fits your needs and personal comfort.”

So keep a positive attitude, remind your parents to not be so parent-y and, of course, happy touring!