We’re almost there!

Some of you are already back on campus, but most of our new and returning students will be joining us this weekend. Whether this will be your first time on our campus or you’re a well-seasoned fifth-year senior, it can be challenging to get back into the school-year mindset.

Since we are the “student experience” publication, we wanted to take this opportunity to share some of our top posts from the past year that would be most helpful to you as you make your way back to school. Keep checking back each day to see five posts that’ll get you pumped for move-in, share some great classroom tips or just be good reminders for the start of a great year!

Day 2:

Surviving Group Projects
-Mary Kate Carroll

“Given that the universe is especially cruel to college students at this time of the year, realistically you have a slew of dreaded group projects due next week, with your entourage consisting of the girl who texts all through the lecture and the guy who hasn’t shown up for class since the first day. So what’s a college kid to do? You want to pass the class, but you don’t want to wind up doing the whole project by yourself and risk being labeled that nerdy overachiever. Fear not, dear readers, because I’ve compiled a list of ways to survive group projects while keeping your sanity intact!”

mary kate


Food Choices You Can Get Behind
-Cassie Bielecki

“Alas, as much as I have eaten horribly through my days, I have started a new path. No, I will not be eating “paleo” nor will I succumb to that whole “raw” movement (I need warm food, people. WARM FOOD). However, I have cut down my sugar intake substantially and am eating low-carb. It’s really not so bad, once you get used to taking the time to cook your meals.”


Hidden Professor Talents
-Michael Fujito

“There are many different professor stereotypes. One is that they have no life outside of the courses they teach. This is one stereotype I would like to prove wrong. To do so, I interviewed three Gannon University professors about their favorite hobbies.”


The Perks of Going to a Catholic University
-Adam Miller

“There are plenty of colleges to choose from for prospective students. Some of us, including Gannon students, chose the Catholic university experience.  Those of us who made that choice already know that there are some great benefits that come from that decision. We have all experienced them and we all know that they are part of what drew us to a school like Gannon and part of what kept us there.  For those who are unaware or are considering the Catholic university lifestyle, you should know just what there is to appreciate about the experience.”


I Go to Counseling, So What?
-Michael Haas

“I go to counseling. Some may know this about me, but others may take this as a surprise. After all, you wouldn’t suspect an editor-in-chief of a student-run publication who is a member of a leadership group, president of an honors organization and very active in his community to go to counseling.

And yet, that’s exactly the problem.”

Edge Staff, Michael Haas