Family of Gannon married couple

Mr. – “As I get closer to retirement I think of what I can ‘hang my hat on.’ What have I done to make something happen. I think I have four or five things that I’m really proud of. We have planted countless numbers of tree.”
Mrs. – “And you’ve planted a bunch on your own even.”
Mr. – ” Of course. I’m glad that that has gone so well. I am glad that the Gannon Goodwill Garden has taken off and we have the two small green roofs on Zurn. I want that to grow into something even bigger. I am on the renovation committee for the library and I am hoping we can make a large green roof happen on top of the new library. Not only would it be environmentally friendly but it would provide so many research opportunities.”
Mrs. – “We are really excited for that. Related to that we have also made substantial donations to green initiatives on campus so it can continue to grow and continue to pursue green projects.”