As the end of our last semester approaches, it’s safe to say that we have learned the ropes of college. The tough part now is to remain focused and not think too much about summer plans rather than school priorities. Scheduling is finished, so we know what we will be taking next year, but it is still important to understand that this semester is not over yet. We can’t get ahead of ourselves, freshmen! Everyone has done so well thus far. Keeping up the good work will really be the key point in achieving a successful first year.

It is not all about school though. The Activities Programming Board has held a bunch of different activities for students to help relieve stress. While maintaining focus on school priorities, it is also important to go out and socialize with other people. Remember, making friendships that will last a lifetime will be more memorable than getting an A on that bio test, but good friends will push you toward that goal. We have all come so far in just one school year, and this is just the beginning!

Good luck, as always,