Summer is finally here for Gannon students. Though it may seem like summer came too fast as we get ready to end the year and go home, we’re all ready for a much needed break from the daily stresses that accompany schoolwork and activities. I’m especially excited to have free time without looming deadlines or commitments. I know that I’m ready to make my way back to Pittsburgh and reunite with all of my close friends from high school.

One of my biggest worries about coming to college was losing contact with my best friends from high school. I soon realized that the friendships I already had in place weren’t going to end just because we were moving to different ends of the state. It’s really easy to stay in contact – especially with the internet – and it’s always fun to get (and send) old-fashioned snail mail. I’m excited to get to see them this summer.

My other plan for this summer is basically the same as any other college freshman – I have to work. While working isn’t very fun or summer-y, I’m excited to start putting money away for my trip to France next spring. Summer jobs aren’t necessarily the most thrilling experience, but when you realize what you’re working for, it all seems worth it.

Between my job, getting ready for France and getting to see all of my friends, this summer should turn out to be a busy one! I’m excited to get to go home, but also to take trips back up to Erie to visit everyone who’s staying around campus for the summer. Erie has become a true second home for me, and I almost can’t wait for the next school year to begin so I can come back for good… almost being the key word there.

I hope you have a great summer and get to make a lot of good memories with your friends and family!

Talk to you soon,


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