It’s no secret that studying is a big part of college. Some students have their processes down to a science – utilizing flash cards, bookmarks and all the highlighters they can get their hands on. For others, studying is a cluster of caffeine, crumpled-up papers and tears.

Regardless of your technique, it’s important to adopt a routine and stick to it as best you can. To learn more, I interviewed nine Gannon students about their study habits.


Psychology major: “I spend around two to three hours studying. Generally to unwind I usually listen to music or binge Netflix.”

English major: “Studying? All I do is read and write. I spend more time doing research than many people would guess. Other than that, I guess I do whatever I want, yeah. English.”

Finance major: “I study about six hours per day. There really wasn’t much I really had to do until junior year anyway. Is there any interesting thing I do when I study? No, not really.”

Criminal justice major: “I study anywhere from…none to one hour a day. I find that fighting off grizzly bears with a chainsaw really helps me grasp the material to a greater degree.”

Education major: “About eight hours per day. I need to be snuggled in a blanket, and my feet NEED to be warm.”

Chemistry major: “Uh…probably not as much as I should. The material is pretty tough. All I know is that My Little Pony always has to be in the background when I study. Always.”

Nursing major: “I study around nine hours per day, and usually I’m hyped up on Pixy Stix.”

Biomedical engineering major: “When I study, I usually lay upside down off my bed and read my books upside down.”

Theatre major: “I just try to have as much fun as I can when I study. If I take it too seriously then it ruins the whole thing for me.”


Some people seem to have a bit more interesting of a study process than others, but as long as it gets them where they are going, it doesn’t really matter. In all of these cases it is important just to stay focused and get your stuff done. That degree will be worth it after all of the stress. Happy studying, everyone!