Every year, Gannon encourages students to give back to the Erie community and make a few memories along the way. This day, known as GIVE Day, has become a tradition; it simply wouldn’t be fall if students didn’t wear matching shirts and do some good.

The idea behind GIVE Day is to help as many people as possible in a single morning. If one student can do three hours of service, imagine how many hours can be completed by a few hundred, or even a thousand of Erie’s inhabitants.

On GIVE Day, students volunteer with the campus organizations they’re involved in. For example, environmental club volunteers at one site, the basketball team at another, and so on. As an upperclassman, you likely end up working with people you’ve known for a while. For freshmen, however, GIVE Day is an opportunity to make new friends and solidify relationships.

Joseph Botera, a senior who has participated in GIVE Day for several years, described it as “an experience all on its own.” It may be just one day out of an entire year, but it truly makes a difference.

At the end of your service, you will return to campus a little tired, but with a feeling of accomplishment and a smile on your face. You accepted the invitation for students to volunteer everywhere, and it was more than worth it.

This year’s GIVE Day will take place tomorrow, so get ready for a most rewarding experience!