Gannon Goings-On: Your firsthand look at what students are doing in class and with campus organizations! This week, we take a look at what the Edge staff is up to:


Michael Haas

Junior, Theatre and Political Science, Editor-in-Chief

“I’ve been practicing Arabic, which I’m taking with Dr. Baugh. Even though it’s just an introductory class, we’ve learned some basic conversation and I’ve been able to apply that to my job at Starbucks. It always makes me happy when I’m able to engage with people in their native language. While I may not be able to travel to the Middle East right now because of school and work, I can expand my world view by interacting with the students on Gannon’s campus every single day.”


Marisa Guyton

Senior, Advertising Communications

“I’m a member of the Women’s Basketball team and the regular season is upon us. We are currently practicing every day preparing for the first game. On November 6, we have an exhibition game versus Division I Dayton University. November 21st is the home opener for the Women’s Basketball team.”


Adam Miller

Junior, Journalism Communications, Staff Writer

“I recently took an internship at the promotions department at Connoisseur media. It’s been mostly sending emails and helping update their websites, but as a Communications major, this kind of involvement in a professional setting is still a great experience. I’ve been able to see the field in a more hands on manner take another step toward a career after college.”


Cassie Bielecki

Sophomore, Theatre and Communication Arts, Staff Writer

“I am working with my TRAVEL group to plan our trip to South Africa. We’ve all been shooting ideas back and forth about things we want to do while we’re there. I really want to swim with sharks in a shark cage because they are my favorite animal as well as the animal I am most terrified of.” Bielecki is also looking forward to the volunteering she’ll be able to do while there.


Mary Kate Carroll

Senior, Occupational Therapy, Editor

“The OT honors society, Pi Theta Epsilon, just threw an amazing event,” says Mary Kate. “It was a Halloween party for children with low vision/blindness at the Erie Sight Center. We felt around in spaghetti “brains” for prizes, played musical chairs, and had a mummy wrap competition. It was a great way for OT students to learn how to help those with vision problems.”


Zak Westfall

Senior, Theatre and Communication Arts, Multimedia Editor

Westfall is currently taking Theatre Criticism with Fr. Shawn Clerkin. “Learning about the different models of criticizing theatre has helped me grow tremendously as an actor and director. If I know exactly what to strive for when performing, there should be no reason I can’t achieve those standards and give an amazing performance every night.”


Aaron Mook

Junior, Journalism Communications, Creative Director

“I am currently writing a longform article in my Feature Writing class that is a profile on a good friend of mine and one of my favorite musicians, Kyle Adem. Adem lives in Nashville, Tenessee and is currently working on his fourth full-length album. The article will detail his early life and include quotes from himself, his family, and other artists he’s played with.”


And finally, your Gannon Goings-On author:

Jenna Sulecki

Senior, Theatre and Communication Arts, Editor

I was just cast as Olivia in Shakespeare’s “Twelfth Night,” a role I was dying to play. Additionally, I’ve been taking an acting class with Alaina Manchester, a new professor at Gannon. I am excited to implement all I’ve learned so far (about Shakespeare and performing in general) into this show and hopefully become a better actress in the end.


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