Gannon Goings-On: Your firsthand look at what students are doing in class and with campus organizations!


Brandon Jaces — Sophomore, Journalism Communications

Brandon is a member of the baseball team and is a member of ServeMore Sophomores and the Honor’s Program. “[ServeMore Sophomores] has allowed me to make friends with people I would have never met otherwise due to other activities, interests and studies. It has also allowed me to grow as a leader, which has transferred into other areas of my life,” he says. Jaces also feels very fortunate to be a part of the baseball team, saying it has helped him become more mature and organized.


Grace Schaefer — Freshman, Physician’s Assistant

“I’m currently involved in Stage Fright, a Halloween show comprised of five short plays. I hope to become more involved at Gannon’s Schuster Theatre. Since I am a PA major, I am also involved in GUSPAS: Gannon University Society of Physician Assistant Students. I hope to join the Ultimate Frisbee team after Halloween. It’s a really rigorous but fun club that a lot of my close friends are in.”


Dana Milani — Sophomore, Advertising Communications

Milani is on the Gannon Women’s Soccer Team. She says it is a great way to get involved and make instant friends within an athletic setting. She likes the competitive yet welcoming environment because it pushes her to perform the best she can.


Megan Hamm — Sophomore, Theatre and Communication Arts

“Currently, I am taking British History 1600 to Present with Dr. Grundy along with a Shakespeare Performance Class with Fr. Shawn Clerkin. I love how the information from both classes coincides with each other. I feel like I am getting a very complete view of a nation’s history.”


Cheyenne Barger — Freshman, Biology/Pre-Medical

Cheyenne loved playing Dungeons and Dragons when she was in high school and hoped to find people with a similar interest at Gannon. “When I came to Gannon, I hoped to find a small group of people who would play at least a few impromptu sessions of D&D with me. Instead, I found a club of nerds who run organized D&D sessions throughout the week, and I couldn’t be happier. If you ever want to find me on a Wednesday evening, look for the group of people who are tossing 20-sided dice and yelling about attacking hobgoblins and you’ll find me right at home.”


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