We walk around Gannon all day, but how well do we actually know our campus? It is easy to feel as though you know where everything is, but when you are put to the test, how will you fare? That’s exactly what I did to 38 Gannon students, all of varying majors and years. Each person was given a blank piece of paper and two minutes to draw as much as they could of the campus – in pen (so no erasing was allowed).

On a whole, the students did very well. Almost everyone placed Waldron in the correct location – two did not. Two people filled in the Jesus Statue outside Waldron, 8 drew in the Gannon Arch and 14 drew in AJ’s Way.

Picture1 Picture1--marker

PICTURE 1: A decent rendering; however, The “Common” Arts building is not next to Waldron.
By: Ella Greggo, General Studies, Freshman


PICTURE 2: “?”
By: Lizzie Gaunloff, English, Freshman


PICTURE 3: The “Parleing Garage” and “Church Thing” aren’t necessarily wrong.
By: Paul LeVan, Mathematics, Sophomore


PICTURE 4: A good rendering – including the “Court Hous”, but “Nort” isn’t on the same block as “Finny”.
By: Kayla Tollego, Criminal Justice, Junior

Picture5Picture5-markerPICTURE 5: Good Job! One of the two people to draw in Friendship Green! Creative spelling with “Sheaster  Theater”.

By: Alexa Shaffer, Occupational Therapy, Sophomore


PICTURE 6: Mostly correct, but the School of Communications and the Arts is between Waldron and the Palumbo Academic Center. Wait, how did you find it to get to class then?
By: Nicole Ray, Physician Assistant, Junior


PICTURE 7: Three-dimensional buildings and a cute little church next to the “Random Building?” You go, Glen Coco.
By: Bianca Morris, History, Freshman


PICTURE 8: “Waldron?” Yes, that was right.
By: Jenna Sulecki, Theatre & Communication Arts, Junior (transferred this semester)

The picture above, drawn by transfer student Jenna Sulecki, was more accurate than most of the 28 other drawings not featured in this article.

These next two drawings were the most accurate and thorough renderings of the Gannon University Campus.


PICTURE 9: I bet she was a “Finny” resident last year.
By: Kaitlyn Falk, Nutrition & Human Performance, Sophomore


Caption: Even without roads, this is a very good drawing of the campus layout.
By: Megan Frank, Physician Assistant, Junior

For only having two minutes to complete their task, these 38 students did a pretty good job drawing their campus – whether or not they had even a drop of artistic ability in their body. As soon as I asked them to do something for an Edge article, most of the responses were either “What is Edge?” or “Drawing? Two minutes?! Oh my gosh!”

They braved through it, though, even as they panicked when I gave them a 30-second warning. And as I called time, almost everyone said it was either  a rough task or that they were a horrible artist. The truth is, this wasn’t about artistic ability at all. This was a test to see just how well we know our campus. Most of us get set into the same places and routes along campus, not becoming familiar with everything that is a part of Gannon.

Apart from the one person who only drew student housing, everyone focused on filling in the main buildings, such as Waldron, Palumbo, Zurn and Morosky. At least we know the academic buildings.