The wait is over. After five weeks of competition and hundreds of votes, we can officially announce that Gannon’s 2011 Ultimate Fave is…

…the Sidewalk Cafe!

The Perry Square eatery ousted Presque Isle State Park 64% – 36%, becoming the winner of our first (and probably not the last) Ultimate Fave tournament (View the complete tournament bracket here).

The Sidewalk Cafe is located on North Park Row, a short walk from any location on campus.

Owner Julie Glazier said the cafe has a good working relationship with GU students and faculty.

“We’ve got everyday regulars who we know by name,” she said. “The students keep up informed about what’s going on at Gannon. We love working with the students and doing things like fundraisers.”

Eighteen-year Sidewalk employee Barb Maggio agreed.

“We love the weekends,” she said. “They consist mainly of students, and we hate breaks. There are even some kids here who call me mom.”

Emma Mancini, a freshman biology/ pre-med major said she enjoys eating at The Sidewalk Cafe.

Sidewalk Cafe's Barb Maggio is on a first-name basis with most customers.

“I like the pancakes,” she said. “The price is good, and the food is delicious. And I liked that they helped out with a fundraiser for the theatre’s trip to Scotland.”

Mancini said she would recommend visiting the restaurant with “a nice and comfortable setting.”

Glazier said she’s happy to be voted Gannon’s favorite place in Erie.

“We’re overwhelmed and happy that so many students and faculty voted,” she said. “Keep coming over, and we’ll keep making the pancakes.”

Sidewalk Cafe's famous pancakes are a Gannon favorite.

Learn more about The Sidewalk Café.

Complete Results:

Gannon’s Favorite Place to Eat: Sidewalk Café

Gannon’s Favorite Place to Eat (On-Campus): Knight’s Cove
Runner-Up: Beyer Cafeteria
Honorable Mention: Doc’s Landing, InterMetzo Cafe

Gannon’s Favorite Place to Eat (Off-Campus): Sidewalk Café
Runner-Up: Porky’s Pizzeria
Honorable Mention: Molly Brannigan’s, Steel 12

Gannon’s Favorite Place to Study: Starbucks

Gannon’s Favorite Place to Study (On-Campus): Nash Library
Runner-Up: Zurn Science Center
Honorable Mention: Power Room, Morosky Academic Center

Gannon’s Favorite Place to Study (Off-Campus): Starbucks
Runner-Up: Blasco Library
Honorable Mention: Tim Horton’s, Erie Book Store

Gannon’s Favorite Place to Shop: Millcreek Mall

Gannon’s Favorite Place to Shop (Downtown): Dollar General
Runner-Up: Accents By the Bay
Honorable Mention: Rite-Aid, Erie Sport Store

Gannon’s Favorite Place to Shop (Erie Area): Millcreek Mall
Runner-Up: Wegman’s
Honorable Mention: Grasshopper, Walmart

Gannon’s Favorite Hangout: Presque Isle State Park

Gannon’s Favorite Hangout (On-Campus): Waldron Campus Center
Runner-Up: Schuster Theatre
Honorable Mention: Carneval Athletic Pavilion, Friendship Green

Gannon’s Favorite Hangout (Off-Campus): Presque Isle State Park
Runner-Up: Erie Playhouse
Honorable Mention: Tinseltown, Splash Lagoon