Not everyone knows basketball. But here at Edge, we play a different kind of March Madness.


Ultimate Fave is an annual competition pitting local attractions, restaurants and hangouts in a fierce round-robin style tournament. The tournament is to determine what establishment is the definitive favorite among Gannon students, faculty, alumnus and other members of the Gannon community.
Sidewalk Café, Waldameer and Water World and Starbucks have all joined the ranks as an Ultimate Fave.


It’s up to you to decide which Fave is the next to join them.


Nominations will be accepted in Waldron and online at all next week. Any place in the Erie area can be nominated, and the locations with the most nominations will make it into our top-32 bracket.


Voting begins in March, when our fourth Ultimate Fave (or our first repeat champion) will be determined.


So readers, we want to know: Where is your Ultimate Fave?