Halloween is quickly approaching, and you’re eager to get in the spooky spirit. You want more than anything to carve pumpkins, but it’s messy and too involved for a dorm room craft. Lucky for you, I have the perfect solution: painting pumpkins! 

This weekend, I got together with friends and spent a few hours creating festive designs just in time for the 31st. This is a very inexpensive craft, so it is perfect for the college student’s budget. You just need these materials:

  • Pumpkins (of course!) 
    • I got smaller pumpkins because they were easier to paint, but you can choose whatever size you want 
  • Paint and paintbrushes 
    • Get whatever colors you like the best and that you need for your designs. 
  • Paper plates and cups 
    • You’ll use these to put paint on and to rinse your brushes 
  • Hair dryer (optional) 
    • I used this to speed up the paint-drying process so I could add more coats.  

Like I said, this is a very budget friendly; it can be done for under $10! I stopped at a house that was selling pumpkins and picked up 3 pumpkins for $5! Walmart sells acrylic paints for 50 cents, so paint supplies won’t break the bank either. Once you have your materials, it’s easy, just get creative! Oh, and, don’t forget to lay down paper to prevent a mess of your dorm room.  

Here are some pictures I took along the way and of the finished project.