If there is anything that I love to do it’s eat. There are so many different flavors and combinations to try that I can never settle on just one place to grab lunch. As a college student, I don’t always have a lot of money to be spending on food, so a bite to eat at a restaurant isn’t always the wisest choice. Luckily, many local businesses recognize this struggle and accept GU Gold. Using Gannon’s flex money is great because you can put a specific amount of money on it each month to budget for activities like a lunch out with friends. I’ve compiled a list of a few of my favorite local restaurants that accept GU gold and my recommendations for each place.


Dave’s Diner

Dave’s is easily one of my favorite restaurants in all of Erie. The staff is wonderful, the food comes out fast, and I can honestly say that I have never gotten something that I didn’t like. That being said, I am loyal to my Cajun breakfast; eggs how you like it paired with some sweet, yet spicy, home fries always puts me in a good mood.

Khao Thai

If you like Thai food this is the place to be. Again, there’s wonderful and unique staff, and the food is fast. My favorite combination here is the Pad Thai and Thai Iced coffee. Here’s a way to truly optimize your spending: go with a friend and order one entrée but ask for two plates. There’s plenty of food for each of you, and then you can split the check.

Porky’s Pizzeria

Porky’s is the spot if you’re craving any sort of greasy food. The pizza is amazing, cheesy, greasy goodness. Ask anyone who has had Porky’s, and they’ll tell you that the chicken-bacon-ranch pizza is to die for. It’s a perfect blend of everything that you could ask for.

Molly Brannigan’s

A classic stop for food in Erie. You can’t go wrong with Molly Brannigan’s. To start your order off, you’re best with trying the Reuben Balls. These are basically little, deep-fried Reuben sandwiches. As for your main dish, I highly recommend trying the Bangers&Mash. This dish is deliciously made Irish sausage paired with Yukon mashed potatoes and peas and is topped with smooth Guinness gravy and chives.


Wherever you choose to go, you will not be disappointed! Every place serves amazing food; plus, you’re supporting your local community in the process! And the best part is your community supports you back by accepting your GU gold. So get out there and try some new food!