My great-grandfather used to say he was lucky.

When people would give him that look that implied, “Okay, whatever you say, Homer,” he would point down at his forearm and say, “No really, it says so right here on my arm.” He was pointing at a tattoo that probably dated back to the 1940s that simply said, “Lucky.”

The best part was that the man wasn’t lying. He was so lucky that he was still winning things after he passed away. His wife received a phone call about six months after he passed to tell her that he had won a big-screen TV, and she needed to set up a time to have it delivered.

Unfortunately, my family’s luck stopped there. We never really did have any luck to ourselves, but coming into this semester I was praying for some of that luck my grandfather used to bring. I was a little bit scared to start my first semester of junior nursing classes because I knew that I was taking one of the most difficult classes that the Villa Maria School of Nursing had to offer. It’s called Healthy Restoration of the Adult Patient I. And although I was scared, I was definitely ready for the challenge.

When it came time for the first test I knew I had studied enough to get by, but I didn’t think that I had studied enough to do as well as I wanted to. It didn’t help that I was distracted with my upcoming birthday a few days after the test (for me, my birthday is the second most important holiday next to Christmas). When I got my scores back I was pleasantly surprised. I’m convinced that my great-grandfather had passed down some of that luck that he always had with him for me as an early birthday present.

That luck continued on throughout the next week as I took two other tests and aced them both. I’m hoping that my luck hasn’t run out quite yet though, because this week I will be auditioning for the Schuster Theatre’s “Camelot,” and it would be nice to get a part.

I’m sure that I will be updating you on how my luck pans out in the next few weeks, and I hope you experience some luck of your own as well.

Catch ya on the flip side!


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